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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm a World Book Night Giver

Tomorrow is world book night www.worldbooknight.org  and I am delighted to say that I was chosen as a giver this year.

It’s a brilliant idea thought up by Jamie Byng who was running the London marathon today and giving away one of the titles on this year’s givers list after each completed mile.
The thinking behind world book night is that each giver gets 24 books to collect from their chosen collection point. The givers then give out their books free to anyone you think may not be an avid reader to encourage them to enjoy all the wonders that the world of books and reading can bring.

World book night first came into existence last year when I was lucky to be chosen as a giver then but as can happen on any new project things didn’t work out quite right for me but when I received the e mail about world book night 2012 I jumped at the chance to be a giver again and was delighted to be chosen again.

I collected my books on Thursday from my chosen collection point, the Gutter Bookshop, www.gutterbookshop.com  which is on Cows Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin. I LOVE the Gutter Bookshop. I have never gone there without finding an absolute gem of a book and the staff is the best. The gutter bookshop is giving away world book night books on the Ha’penny Bridge at 6pm.

My choice of book was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It’s a lovely little tale and a lovely read with a message at the end to carry with you. I just felt that a story like this can sow a seed and could encourage further journeys into the realms and joys of reading.

There are some really great books on the list but the alchemist just felt like the right one for me to give. The books have been given a special world book night 2012 cover so they will always be acknowledged as part of this cool concept. 

The website www.worldbooknight.org has a selection of bookmarks to print down so I put two in each of my books. The idea is that each receiver passes the book to another reader and so on so I thought as the first receiver catches the reading bug; well they are going to need a bookmark aren’t they.

This year Germany and the US are part of world book night along with the U.K and Ireland so hopefully the word will spread to other countries by next year which would be amazing.

The website has a list of events for tomorrow night in all areas of the U.K and some in Ireland so check it out and see what events are happening near you. There are some great events listed as well as the main event in London is at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road. It starts at 7.15 and will be streamed live to different venues. There are some great reading taking place too.

And guess what, my next blog will be telling you all about my experiences tomorrow night as part of this great event.

Keep Smiling

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