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Monday, January 17, 2011

Time is of the essence

I've decided I need to learn the art of time management. Now that I blog and also as i need more writing time for my beloved Novel project, I have to plan. So i enlisted the help of a week planner pad I bought on a trip to Bath 18 months ago. It's really cool with all different drawings of shoes on it. That's the thing about us shopaholics, we know something will be useful eventually!

Now, as an aging hippie the free spiritedness doesn't lend itself to time management. It's all go with the flow. I like to get up and think ' today i will ..........'.   But the thought of having more free time to go with the flow or suddenly get an inspiration for a new style of earring and then having a time in place to work on it has me sold on this planning lark.

I work a four day week with flexi hours and I'm an early starter which helps. Two evenings of the working week are busy. Tuesday evenings are my Chinese Medicine appointment and nothing comes between me and my acupuncture! Wednesday evenings are my Chinese Calligraphy class at U.C.D. Although I am not the star pupil, I love it. I have to put the time in on homework but that doesn't break my heart.  
I have the usual housework stuff like everyone but my three day weekends are where the most planning is required. It feels like a huge amount of time until it is Sunday night again and i wonder how did i not manage the ironing again?
So I'll give the time management stuff a go. I should be able to make it rock. As I once said to a friend of mine when you live in the moment how do you know what you are going to do tomorrow? I will let you know when i find out.
Now, how much time do  I get on e bay

keep smiling,

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