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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look What I Got!

I got a lovely surprise this week. My blog received a nomination for the Liebster Blog award!          This came to me from http:// Mammydolittle.blogspot.com.
To receive a nod like this from ‘one of me own’, another Lady blogger was so beautiful as I am not around the blogsphere very long and someone found me and liked my ramblings enough to do this. On the way I found some other great blogs via mammy dolittle such as http://muminmeltdown.blogspot.com and http://polythenepram.blogspot.com. Nice to meet you girls!

The Liebster awards are for little blogs with less than 300 subscribers in order to share the blog love and spread the word.  

So here are the Liebster rules for nominations.

1. Post Blog displaying the award and then link to who awarded you.

2. Choose your own blogs to nominate and let them know they have been awarded.

3.  Hope this gets new favourites for everyone to follow.

4. Spread the blog love.

Here are my nominees:

Carol has published her first book, Shades of Atlantis but first and foremost is mum to her boy Eric and she has blogged beautifully about both Eric and writing.

I love this blog! She has a wonderful blog writing style.

This is a great blog. Its fun and also a really cool family blog as well as being about the retreat. Also it’s their fault I blog, right John.

This lady has some great recipes in her archives to check out as well as being one true inspiration in the last few months.

Well the weather this week has been lovely and all my little seedlings are reaching up and having a look at the world. My little herbs are doing well so that will be fun using them from their little box. I have the mint in a pot of its own as it is what gardeners describe as aggressive. This, in aging hippie speak, means mint likes the idea of owning the entire garden, and will spread like wildfire if left to express itself. So if mint lives in its own pot it is better for all concerned. I am still looking forward to the day when I infuse my own mint tea. When that time comes I will let you know how that went as it will take a few attempts to get it right. I will either smell like a toothpaste factory from drinking it too strong or end up with warm water a ‘hint of mint’.  Ne’er mind.

Keep smiling,


  1. Well done to you! Will check out your list as well and thank you so much for giving me a mention x

  2. Really nice to meet you, Karen! I found you through a comment from Mum In Melton and I'm so glad I did, I really enjoyed reading through your blog!

    Thanks so much for the kind words; looking forward to more of your writing :)