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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hug me I'm Organic

My dad was on to me yesterday. He had sowed 13 drills of organic potatoes. Not bad for a 72 year old! His spuds are always amazing; along with any other stuff he grows.

My parents always grew vegetables. Even before they moved to the countryside, they had a veg patch. We also had a dog that ate all the chives they had grown one year and then went on to the raspberry canes. We never grew either again.

I don’t grow veg myself but for about 10 years now I only buy organic. I know the veg are slightly more expensive but to go fully organic, ditching all chemicals such as household cleaners the bill balances out.

I started with a bag being delivered to my house by Rose and hiding her money under my bushes because I was at work when she delivered. Now, after a few take over’s, I am with the lovely people at www.absolutelyorganic.ie. I can honestly say I have always got the best of stuff from them week after week, and there is nothing to match the smell of a fresh organic tomato when you open the paper bag.

With cleaners the change from chemical sprays and potions to a stock of white vinegar, lemon juice, borax powder, and bicarbonate of soda and soda crystals is as much cheaper as it is safer. The best way I found to clean a manky microwave (when I used to use one) was slice up half a lemon and place in a bowl of water. Micro on high for three minutes and leave the door closed for the steam to do its work. Then open the door and wipe all the grime off with a cloth. It’s that easy. If it won’t come off easily micro the same bowl again for another 3 and them off it wipes. Smells so much better too.

Now I am not saying we need to do www.hotcrossmum.blogspot.com on her trip to the 1930’s housewife. I am asking do I need to be laced with chemicals I don’t understand.

Yesterday, March 26th, at 20 different locations around the U.S there was a ‘Rally for the right to know’. These rally’s were to ask the U.S to clearly label food especially food with G.M, so a proper labelling would be in place to inform consumers of exactly what is in their food.

Food labelling is a mine field. As a consumer I feel as though I need a degree in food science. I went so far as to down load an iPhone app to explain some additives and what their safety level is. I know the aging hippie is a boring old fusspot, but I worry.

Pesticides are linked to so much and what G.M will do to future generations, I don’t know! Don’t start me on pictures I have seen of engineered animals and fish. It’s scary to me.

I have had it said to me ‘I don’t want to know what’s in my food, if I know I wouldn’t eat anything!’That‘s fine. I believe in choice, having the right to be exactly who you are. I am not here to preach or be anyone’s nag. I want a choice too. I am with the want to knows. When I have eaten non organic I have been able to tell the difference, I can tell exactly what each vegetable is in an organic stew no problem.

The thing is I want to live in full possession of my marbles until at least the age of 115, tearing up the roads in my electric wheelchair. If investing in a good chemical free existence now means I get to fulfil that, then it’s been a worthwhile investment. 
If you want to be my wingman, in the words of someone brighter than me, think on these things.

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